Main tips for beginners to help them develop their collections

All beginning collectors and young collectors are eager to have an important collection that they are proud to show to their friends. Here are our top 5 tips for new and young collectors to help them develop their collections.

Browse online sales

This will give you the opportunity to learn, to buy at affordable prices and to touch, appreciate and develop your understanding of antique pieces and most importantly, your personal taste.

Participate in high-end shows

At a trade show, you will see the high-end pieces and you will learn to recognize quality. This is important in order to be able to discern what is beautiful. Just a small glass on sale on our site.

Visit the galleries

Gather the knowledge of market experts. These people are specialists and started their journey the same way you did: by buying, watching, comparing and reading. So they'll give you an important insight into what makes a good piece and what it meant to the old-timers.

Support and visit your local museums

Most local museums hold a classic collection of ancient world items. Although behind glass, you will still be able to see and learn without touching.

Whenever possible, buy the best of what you can buy.

This last tip doesn't need much explanation; the more beautiful a piece is, the more its value will increase over time. But no matter what you buy, the old adage is always true: "Trust your instincts and find something that speaks to you. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to own an exceptional object that has already been used and loved by an ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic or any other person from those remote times. Visit our archaeology sale and discover what appeals to you. If you wish to become a seller, registration is simple and free. With a worldwide audience, Catawiki is the ideal platform to sell exceptional objects.
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