The art of collecting

The art of collecting: key and meaning

Collecting is a basic and very ancient human instinct, proper, in general, to organized, careful and somewhat obsessive people; so that, often, a collection can turn into a passion of a lifetime, with all that it can entail. Why collect?…

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Psychology of the collector

For a collector, normally, it is the process of research that gives the most pleasure: finding the piece or object that is out of the ordinary or difficult to obtain, with the stories they convey. But alongside this research motivation,…

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Main tips for beginners to help them develop their collections

All beginning collectors and young collectors are eager to have an important collection that they are proud to show to their friends. Here are our top 5 tips for new and young collectors to help them develop their collections. Browse…

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How to quickly start and develop your antique collection

Here, we give the floor to our experts to share with you their knowledge on topics they specialize in. In this article, Archaeology experts give advice on how new collectors and beginners can start and develop their collections of treasures…

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