How to quickly start and develop your antique collection

Here, we give the floor to our experts to share with you their knowledge on topics they specialize in. In this article, Archaeology experts give advice on how new collectors and beginners can start and develop their collections of treasures from the ancient world.

How beginners start

All beginning collectors and young collectors are eager to have a large collection that they are proud to show to their friends. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of items in all kinds of price ranges at Catawiki, so you can quickly expand your collection. Thanks to the eye of the experts involved, even small works of art or objects that the Ancients used in their daily lives have passed the first test regarding their originality and quality.

What kind of art pieces?

In sales, you can acquire a superb item for just a few dozen euros. This gives new and young collectors the opportunity to discover authentic pieces, without having to pay high prices to own something from the old world. The result is learning, touching, appreciating and developing your understanding of ancient objects. Sometimes a fragment of papyrus goes on sale and gives you the real impression of an Egyptian from the time of the pharaohs sitting near you and writing a bill or his shopping list before going to the supermarket. Or how about a real wooden mummy mask? It can be yours... and make you think you're Indiana Jones. But this time, reality is more real than fiction, since you have the object in your hands! Each week there are just several ancient Roman fibulae or bronze rings allowing you to learn all about the green patina of ancient bronze and how bronze was cast in ancient times. Treasures such as Roman glasses can also be found in sales. These glasses were usually made to contain precious oils and perfumes that came directly from the banks of the Nile and were then exported all over the world, from the high provinces of what was then called Germania to the banks of the Indus River.  
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