Antique and precious jewels: how to determine their true value?

You have an antique jewel inherited from your grandmother and wish to know its price in order to resell it? There are different ways to determine the true value of this kind of accessory, but it's up to you to choose the method that best suits your situation. Between online jewelry appraisals, practical tips and the services of an expert, you will be spoilt for choice. But then, which solution should you choose?

Evaluating an antique piece of jewelry online: how does it work?

During the process of evaluating jewelry, a whole series of factors come into play, notably to precisely define the authenticity of the jewelry (precious metal content, presence of precious stones, value of semi-precious stones, etc.). Since all these elements can only be observed by a trained eye, it is advisable to entrust the process to an expert to ensure the reliability of the valuation. Since the intervention of a specialist involves a certain cost, which can be quite high, the ideal thing is to first carry out an online pre-expertise on websites such as This will prevent you from losing your money if the jewel does not have the estimated value. Moreover, the evaluation is done in only 24 hours. No need to travel to meet the expert, because you just have to upload your photos on the dedicated platform afterwards, you will receive a first notice by email.

In-store appraisal: the simplest solution

Although it is always possible to apply some methods to determine the real value of an antique jewel, the safest option to verify the authenticity and the price of a piece remains the expertise made by a connoisseur. For this, the ideal is to go to a jewelry or antique store. These signs will certainly be able to help you for the evaluations of jewels, moreover, they will be able to even make you a proposal of purchase once the estimate is carried out. The advantage? You get an immediate and reliable evaluation. Moreover, you can decide to sell the jewelry directly and collect its price or leave it in a sales depot. In the latter case, you only receive the purchase price when the jewel is resold, but it will of course be higher. 

How to determine the value of an antique jewel?

Do you like to look for potentially valuable antique jewelry at flea markets? Know that there are a few practical tips and tricks to help you estimate the authenticity of this kind of accessory yourself. For starters, you can, for example, check the punching of the jewel. This is a mark left by the jeweler to indicate the name of the designer and the precious metal content. It is also possible to make a test with a magnet.

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