How to establish the value of a sculpture?

You have sculptures in your possession or you want to buy them and you'd like to know exactly what they are worth! Sculpture appraisals are essential in order not to be fooled and risk losing valuable objects that may also have sentimental value or, on the contrary, acquire art objects at exorbitant prices, but which are ultimately worthless.

Who to call upon?

Sculpture appraisals are not given to just anyone. An expert must always be called upon to determine the price of the art objects and to ensure their authentication. This expert is usually an auctioneer. But as the investigation proceeds, the help of others may also be sought, such as an antique dealer, art dealer, or art historian, in the case of a more complex appraisal. You too should know what your sculptures are worth with the help of Mr Expert for instance so that you can make the most of them.

Things to consider

There are several things to consider when estimating a sculpture. The first is the artist's market quotation, as well as the artist himself, by analyzing the signature. Then, the quality of the piece is determined, as well as its precise dating, i.e. its age. It is also important to determine what materials the piece is made of, it can be bronze, plaster, marble, or terracotta. The style of the work is also part of the evaluation criteria. Indeed, some objects are no longer very interesting, as is the case of marble or terracotta pieces, others are more sought after, such as the Art Deco style, which lowers or raises the price, the art market is not the same from one period to another.

Distinguishing the true from the false

During the evaluation of sculptures, it is also necessary to authenticate them in view of the innumerable fake art objects circulating on the market. This is especially necessary if you want to buy an object. This process consists in knowing the origin of a piece. To do this, different techniques and technologies are used to determine the state of aging of the object and also to give a more precise dating. The goal is to avoid finding duplicates or pieces that have no value. It is then imperative to proceed to such a step before any acquisition of a piece of art.

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