Are clocks a good investment?

good investment

According to a specialist, clocks can be a good investment, especially the old or antique clocks, for despite them being battered, longcase, and dusty, they can be worth a lot of money. This is because these clocks are highly valued. An old clock might appreciate as the days go by; hence a good thing you can invest in.

However, they must be the original clocks for these clocks to be worth something. In the past, old clocks were valued because they could show accurate time, unlike in the present days, where many people take the ability to tell time for granted since its readily available from almost all digital devices around us. Get more information about antique clocks from Google or other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

There are several factors to consider to determine the value of the old clocks because not every antique clock is valuable. The most important thing is to know why the clock can be referred to as antique. Most antique items always have high value because of their age. These factors are as follows;

The type of clock and condition

Several types of antique clocks include antique wall clocks, antique mantel clocks, and vintage wall clocks. Therefore, you need first to identify the type of clock you have because every clock has its value.

You can identify the type of clock by identifying the label or the marketer's signature. Clocks with a label or a stamp with their maker's name or trademark are much better than those not marked. Another way to identify a clock is by checking the appearance or face, mechanism, and case. A clock made from a certain company may have a certain appearance and therefore can be easy to identify.

The condition of your old clock will determine its value too. Some of the flaws that mostly affect the clock's condition are cracks, breakages, chips, discoloration, and missing parts. These clocks are old, and therefore it's almost impossible to find a perfect clock without any flaw. But the extent of the clock's flaw is what will determine how much it will be worth.

You should consult the experts before selling your clock because they have the knowledge and experience to help them come up with the matching value of the clock despite having flaws. You can have the option of researching for the best clock shops, online platforms that deal with clocks, or auction houses to look for recently sold clocks that are comparable with your clock. By doing this, you will be able to weigh the worth of your clock.


The rarity of something means the measure of the scarcity of an item. The type of clock you have might be rare to find. This might be because the clocks were initially made in a small number or numerous numbers, but the owners have not revealed them to sell.

Here, it's all about the supply and the demand of the type of clock. Therefore, these kinds of clocks that are rare to find can be of great value and can lead to a good investment. An example of old clocks that are rare to find is the antique mantel clocks, and hence they are valuable clocks.

Historical significance

Historical significance is the importance of an item that existed in the past that modern people can acquire. With the type of clock you have, you ought to do thorough research to determine its historical significance, if it has any.

A clock from a popular source of origin or with a good record of ownership is more valuable than others. A clock might seem to have a remarkable story of origin, but it might not be attracting the appraiser. Therefore, a clock's historical significance will determine how it will attract people.

The type of mechanism

The mechanism of a clock determines the transmission or its working. All types of clocks have a different mechanism. A clock that is mechanically impressive is more valuable. Examples of antique wall clocks are grandfather clocks and the cuckoo clocks. Cuckoo clocks can be of two types, a one-day cuckoo clock and an eight-day cuckoo clock which have a different mechanism. A one-day cuckoo clock requires winding daily; thus, it's less desirable than an eight-day cuckoo clock.

Other clocks have a mechanism of working by playing melodies. Some people prefer to have a clock that can display time and provide melodies than just a silent clock that displays the time. Clocks with added advantages like those that can play melodies are considered more valuable. But if your clock has undergone different kinds of repairs, it might decrease in its worth. The more valuable your clock is, the more it will be considered for investments.

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