Antique art

Making an appraisal of an antique work of Art: how to do it online?

Nowadays, you can value your antiques and works of art online for free. Indeed, you should privilege the intervention of an expert to accompany you in your project. Obviously, the specialist will be able to accompany and assist you if…

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How to invest in ancient currencies

If you want to make a good bargain, without risk, and why not become rich like Croesus – who discovered six centuries BC tons of gold in the Pactole River – take a little trip to your grandparents’ attic. Who…

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What are the main criteria for evaluating Art today?

Possessing a work of art is all about individual creativity and imagination. This act also stimulates the development and sight of sensitivity. It is a ticket to discover culture, contribute to creation and preserve a heritage. As soon as collectors…

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