Antique furniture, back to basics!

Want to combine function with pleasure and the preservation of your heritage? That's what collection furniture allows, but only if you are very selective and don't get caught up in mainstream fashion. Today, all eyes are indeed focused on the "vintage" (the 1950s to 1970s), which reaches delirious prices for pieces of often questionable quality. One thing is for sure, it's largely overpriced!

Let the experts talk!

Specialists rather recommend, from a heritage perspective, to look at classic furniture from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century: It is a sector that has now been devastated, because there are no more buyers. Prices are therefore very low for furniture, objets d'art, but also for paintings. With prices ranging from €150 for an antique trinket to €30,000 or more for beautiful signature furniture - exceptional furniture can reach several million euros and are not affected by the crisis! There is something here to satisfy all budgets. A superb Louis XVI chest of drawers in excellent condition can be exchanged for between 1.500 and 2.000 €, which is hardly more expensive than a new piece of furniture made by a contemporary craftsman. A beautiful table stamped by a great craftsman sells, on the other hand, around 30.000 €.

Where to find the best offers?

To find the best deals, you will have to go to auction rooms - where furniture is no longer very popular - or to antique dealers. The first condition for investing in antique furniture is to have room to accommodate the room in question and to show it off to its best advantage," recommends Olivier d'Ythurbide. Then there has to be a "coup de coeur". And it is imperative to ask for an invoice specifying the period of the object and its detailed description. "This invoice is equivalent to a guarantee, because it commits the trader for thirty years in case of dispute. Be careful, it is a medium or long term investment, because, if the crisis makes the happiness of the buyers, it ruins the hopes of appreciation of the sellers?

The meaing of owning an antique piece of furniture

An object, a piece of furniture, can only be viable and durable if it is born in the manner of men. It must be conceived as a child.We can see in this quote a love of manual work and "well done". Contrary to a contemporary piece of  furniture that loses two thirds of its value when purchased, an antique piece of furniture that has withstood the wear and tear of time will increase in value with age. Over time, its value can double every 5 years, an average increase of 15% per year. In addition, the purchase of a beautiful antique piece of furniture is often less expensive than that of a new one. Finally, health and ecological considerations also lead new buyers to prefer antique furniture free of toxic agglomerates and other allergenic chemical glues.

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