Antique and collectibles

The act of collecting is one of man's most eminently cultural gestures. To define it, we could say that it is a matter of searching, acquiring and ordering for presentation objects that can be both natural and cultural productions appreciated either for their singularity or for their representativeness.

Behind the act of collecting works of art


The human instinct of collecting

Collecting is a very ancient human instinct The act of collecting artworks can turn into a passion of a lifetime, with all that it can entail.

The research process

The research process

It is the research process that gives the most pleasure, i.e. finding the piece that is difficult to obtain, with all the stories it conveys.


All about one's psychology

The other characteristics that collectors usually display are being orderly, basing their choices on personal criteria and showing what they own.

Enjoy being a collector

Enjoy being a collector

A collector is a passionate, orderly and careful being, with a hint of constant obsession, and definitely someone to be cherished.

develop your collection of antique artworks

Start and develop your collection of antique artworks

Eevery beginner and young collector out there is eager to have a large collection that he/she can be proud of and show to his/her friends. Fortunately, you can easily find a wide variety of items in all kinds of price ranges, thus quickly expand your collection. Thanks to the eye of the experts like Mr Expert and others, you can turn even the small works of art or objects that the Ancient civilizations used to appreciate in their daily lives into very valuable items…

Shopping online for antique art

You can acquire a superb item for just a few dozen euros in certain sales. This gives new and young collectors the opportunity to discover authentic pieces, without having to pay high prices to own something from the old world. The result is learning, touching, appreciating and developing your understanding of ancient objects. For more advice visit

Sometimes a fragment of papyrus goes on sale and gives you the real impression of an Egyptian from the time of the pharaohs sitting near you and writing a bill or his shopping list before going to the supermarket. Or how about a real wooden mummy mask? It can be yours… and make you think you’re Indiana Jones. But this time, reality is more real than fiction, since you have the object in your hands!

Share and enjoy collected artworks

For many collectors, there is more satisfaction in showing than in finding. This need to socialize is very strong but can produce great frustration, because there are few spaces open to private collectors, and that is why some choose to open their own space. The connection between public institutions and private collections would be another theme to be addressed and improved. On the other hand, collecting appears to be an advantage in many ways: because it produces a kind of relaxation and, in addition, the satisfaction of obtaining things, from the contemplation of something that for the collector seems beautiful or precious; because it encourages the desire to care for objects and to value them; because it can be a way of learning to manage frustrations, since not everything can be obtained immediately and because it helps to be patient; and because it contributes to increase self-esteem, when showing or exhibiting one’s collection.

Antique art for beginners

Tips for new and young collectors to help them develop their antique art collections

Browse online sales

Browse online sales

This will give you the opportunity to learn, to buy at affordable prices and to touch, appreciate and develop your understanding of antique pieces and most importantly, your personal taste.

high-end trade shows

Go to high-end trade shows

At a trade show, you will see the high-end pieces and you will learn to recognize quality. This is important in order to be able to discern what is beautiful. Just a small glass on sale on our site.

local museums

Support and visit your local museums

Most local museums hold a classic collection of ancient world items. Although behind glass, you will always be able to see and learn without touching.

Own and sell the pieces of art of your choice

Take advantage of exclusive opportunities to own an exceptional object that has already been used and loved by an ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic or any other person from those remote times. Visit archaeology sales and discover what appeals to you. If you wish to become a seller, registration is usually simple and free. With a worldwide audience, there are many ideal platforms to sell exceptional objects.